Bear Grylls Survival Academy


Following the success of Bear’s TV show, The Island, adventurers can now test themselves with their own 30-hour ‘island drop’ in the remote Scottish Highlands of the UK. In this intense five-day survival skills course, which follows the same format as the show, participants receive a crash course in Bear’s extreme survival techniques over the course of two days… and then test those skills to the limit. This survival retreat is NOT for the feint hearted, but probably ultimately the most invigorating and possibly rewarding retreat amongst them. However, the STUNNING Alladale Reserve host a number of much gentler retreats… which I can whole heartedly recommend. Check ‘em out! Start dates: Saturday September 8th Saturday September 14th Saturday September 20th Accommodation: Outdoors in a shared army tent Price: £1,299 per person

Sun September 8, 2019
To: Fri - September 20, 2019
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Alladale Wilderness Reserve

The Highlands IV24 3BS

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