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Reconnection Travel in Scotland – Unique Learning Experiences


Reconnection Travel, where you learn traditional skills and reconnect with mother nature, is predicted to be the next big trend this year. Here’s our pick of the most unique experiences in Scotland for you to get back in touch with your wild side.... Read full article

Forest Bathing Inspiration Throughout Scotland


Forest Bathing is a wonderful way to boost your sense of wellbeing by simply immersing yourself into a forest setting. Here, Chic Scotland has hand-picked a small selection of beautiful forests where the art of forest bathing can be experienced. ... Read full article

Spa Breaks Scotland - Our Guide


A Spa Day or Spa Break is a necessity, not a luxury! Here are a few of the best places to go for a spa break in Scotland - in our humble opinion. Thanks for reading. ... Read full article

Top 12 Places to Party in Scotland this Christmas, The Chic Edit

by Nik Hunter on

Need a reason to buy an elaborate new Christmas frock? Nik Hunter has compiled a list of amazing venues that are doing something special this festive season. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and Perthshire options are included. ... Read full article

Wellness Retreats in Scotland are becoming a THING!...


Bringing the concept of the 'wellness holiday' to the Scottish countryside is a match made in heaven. Visiting these remote, wilderness spots, you naturally do start to just feel... very well!... Read full article