Borthwick Castle


Borthwick Castle is as close to your medieval fantasy as you’re going to get. This is a high-end exclusive hire venue for personal or corporate celebrations. Let’s just say Borthwick could have actually invented the word opulence – this place is beyond your dreams!! Transport yourself to the Middle Ages with a majestic evening of medieval banqueting - featuring endless courses of hearty foods, ales and wines by a roaring fire in the Great Hall. The best of Scottish game, traditional pies, suckling pig and sweet treats - all spectacularly set with awe inspiring table decorations and floral displays. After your evening celebrations, retreat to your bedchamber and sleep in a huge bed with sky-high stone vaulted ceiling. Award-winning chef Derek Johnstone produces classic menus using modern techniques. Aside from his magnificent medieval banquets, Derek happily collaborates with castle guests to suit their wishes. The grandeur and atmosphere, the romance, it’s all available at Borthwick. This is 600 years of Scottish history and you can feel it as soon as you drive through the ancient arched gateway. Borthwick Castle is described as 'the finest keep in Scotland' and has even played host to Mary, Queen of Scots on occasion. She famously leapt from a window in the castle disguised as a page to flee an army of pursuers. That Mary, she’s quite a woman. One of the castle’s most treasured secrets is its Gatehouse – a cocoon of private luxury surrounded by nature, coddled by the castle itself, and perfected as a luxurious retreat. In 2016, The Gatehouse received its most extensive interior makeover – an award-winning piece of master craftsmanship wholly in keeping with the castle’s authentic history. Now a decadent suite with log burner, 2 TONNE Italian marble roll top bath! And at its centre lies an exacting and formidable replica of the four-poster marital bed of King Henry VII and his wife Elizabeth of York, which was originally created in 1486. I mean, come on – who does not want to stay here…. WOWZERS!!! Borthwick can accommodate 80 for a dinner, and have 12 bedchambers which sleep 26.


North Middleton
Midlothian, Near Edinburgh
EH23 4QY

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