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Before I describe Buchanan Food, I should just mention the Woodend Barn as a whole. Woodend Barn was an Arts Centre - that was until they created the light, airy Buchanan’s Bistro alongside the barn, and then the whole thing just became a lot more civilized. Mark and Fiona Hope are the original couple behind this whole venture which now brings world-class arts to a countryside community. What’s not even happening in some major cities in Scotland is happening at the Woodend Barn. They have firmly established themselves as a serious venue on the map for performers, bringing in cutting edge and traditional arts across a multitude of genres. There are wild gardens to stroll around, an exhibition space, allotments and soon to be a walled garden. The restaurant deserves a very lengthy and special mention because it is what attracts so many people to this barn and thus brings more people in contact with the arts - which can only be a very good thing. It is so incredibly good in so many ways. The team behind it is make absolutely everything fresh, down to their jams, yoghurts, scones, salads, pickles and heavenly heavenly fresh breads and cakes. There is a great ethos behind this kitchen - everything is organic and locally sourced wherever possible if they can’t make or grow it themselves. The wine and beer list is one of the best I have encountered. The staff are super lovely and helpful… come here and eat anything, it will be mouthwatering perfection on every forkful. Everything tastes like it’s just fresh out the oven… because it literally is!


Woodend Barn
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire AB31 5QA

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Monday, 9am - 5pm. Tuesday, 9am - 6pm. Wednesday and Thursday, 9am - 7.30pm. Friday and Saturday, 9am - 8pm. Sunday, 9am - 6pm.

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