The Gart, Callander


I’ve seen A LOT of castles for hire doing this job as you can imagine, but I’ve seen nothing like this place. It’s decadent and completely over the top fabulous, and I absolutely love it. I’m not going to make comment on the décor because you can see from the photos how interesting it is. However, photos are often not enough to fully appreciate how being in this castle will actually make you feel. You will probably feel like you’re at a private weekend party with Mick Jagger (or insert your favourite famous rock star here). Walk in through the front door, no - probably you’ll be running in through the front door, like a 7 year old who just entered the gates of Disney World for the first time. Imagine the excitement discovering all of the rooms, the artworks and various toys to keep you occupied – like the drum kit and bar. This has obviously been a labour of love for those doing it up. This place deserves a rock and roll party, it needs people, you can’t just let it sit there empty. There are 13 bedrooms, and you can hire it for 3 nights for £7,000. Doing the math, if you can gather 13 couples together and each couple pays £540, this becomes an entirely feasible option! What are you waiting for – start planning your dream weekend celebration at Teith now!



  • Pets welcome.
  • 13 Bedrooms.

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