Coo Cathedral


The ultimate barn wedding! Whoever put cows in here? It’s much too nice for cows. I don’t honestly think this building was originally intended as a cow barn? Why would cows need a cathedral? I need to find out and I will let you know. Anyway, I digress…. I went to a wedding here last year and it was phenomenal. It’s the kind of place where you want to push the tables back at the end of the meal and just have a massive, sweaty ceilidh… There’s nothing like a ceilidh to actually sober people up and get them ready for the carb intake of the evening buffet! Love it…. But this is no rustic barn, this building is stunning and in very good shape, and a blank canvas for creativity. Top Tip: Hire some large marquee blow heaters – with those high ceilings and big windows it can get a wee bit nippy – especially when the boys are only wearing skirts with socks!!


Aberdeenshire AB34 5JP

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