Gleddoch Hotel Spa and Golf


Are you a country mouse?, or a city mouse? Well, at Gleddoch Golf and Spa Hotel, you can be both. Okay, here’s my idea for a long weekend away…… Head to the Gleddoch, which is west of Glasgow. You can do Friday and Saturday in Glasgow, enjoying city life - and Sunday, Monday exploring the beautiful countryside around Loch Lomond. Plus there should be some time for a morning spa or golf session at the hotel to clear your head. (Of course, there may be every chance that you won’t want to leave the hotel, ;-)) If you weren’t aware, Glasgow is heralded as Scotland’s capital of style and culture, it’s home to charming cafes, impressive museums and art galleries, and an infamous vibrant nightlife. Of the many people I’ve sent around Scotland, many of them have come back to tell me that Glasgow was the highlight and that the people in Glasgow were some of the friendliest they’ve ever met in the world! I would have to agree with them, having gone to Uni for 4 years in Glasgow, they were undoubtedly some of the best years of my life. Anyway, I digress…. So, you’ve had your two days living it up in the city and now you’re in need of some pampering at the Gleddoch Spa, or a round of golf to unwind. Perfect! Gleddoch is actually situated within the stunning scenic west coast of Scotland, where you can also head out to explore….. stopping to throw stones in the still water, breath in the fresh air and then have your breath taken by the incredible landscapes that unfold. (Don’t forget to take your photos for Instagram!) As I’m not a golfer myself, I’ll write a little about the spa instead. I do love a good spa, don’t you?! The Spa at Gleddoch looks unpretentious but excellent quality, it sits up the hill, higher than the hotel in a building all to itself, with perfect views out to the Loch and valley below. As they are a fairly new hotel, everything is pristine - and on the dealings I’ve had with the hotel so far, they seem so lovely and eager to help. If you register with the Spa, they even call you to see if there’s anything they can help you with. The decor? Think Versace meets Missoni, which is quite a refreshing fun change for a countryside hotel. Do please let me know if you ever book your 4 day trip in this lovely, independently owned boutique beauty! They also do great weddings with a banqueting suite that holds 130 by the way!


Old Greenock Road, Langbank
The Clyde Valley PA14 6YE

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