Glen Affric Estate


Pippa Middleton has just married into the family who own this estate…. Clearly yet another fortuitous alliance for the Middleton sisters, because this has got to be the most perfectly manicured and glorious Scottish estate I have ever, ever, ever seen. Glen Affric has got to be one of the most stand-out luxurious estates in Scotland. By the way, did you know that Mohammed Al Fayed lives on a Scottish estate! Apparantly Scotland was discovered by the Egyptians!!?? Sorry, I digress.. Just take a look at the images of Glen Affric and look on their website and you will see what I mean. If anyone was in doubt that Scotland is one of the most beautiful, unspoilt, natural places on the entire globe, you will be in no doubt if you spend time here. I can see why Pippa fell for this man, he probably took here here ;-) Available for private hire. I'm not sure I could afford it, but if anyone ever does have a party here, please invite me!


Affric Lodge
Cannich by Beauly
Inverness-shire IV4 7NB

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