Kyle House


Kyle House in Sutherland is an insanely gorgeous croft cottage, owned by a Danish guy who wants to preserve all the last remaining wildernesses in the world (how epic to be that person!) His company Wildland, owns A LOT of Scotland, but I think I’m okay with that, because whilst preserving the land - he’s also turned some of the derelict farm buildings into THE MOST chic, understated, luxurious accommodations I’ve seen in the Scottish countryside to date. I love what it says on the website about the inside of Kyle House….. ‘With almost nothing remaining from the original interior, the classical plan was reinterpreted and simplified to form a series of rational living spaces, pared back to an almost monastic simplicity.’ How very Danish.... And here’s some information about the outside…. ‘Kyle House sits elevated in the wild landscape and is the only inhabited house to enjoy uninterrupted views along the length of the sea loch to the North.’ This perfect mix of Danish design simplicity on the inside and wild, dramatic Scottish scenes on the outside is a potent synthesis. When they come together they somehow create something greater than the sum of its parts. The beauty of Scotland has deserved much more attention from the tourism industry than it has typically ever had. But in my opinion, it definitely needed an update. There are sooo many more stylish, beautiful restaurants, cafes, self-catering accommodations, refurbished castles and boutique hotels appearing now. So maybe we are actually now, in 2018, finally ready for the tourism to come. But it’s a fine balance - we still want to preserve our wild and underpopulated areas and not over-commercialise ourselves. I feel like Wildland is a company who can help with this, they are committed to the protection of the land, whilst also providing some fantastic opportunities for luxury experiences. They seem to have created a great balance… I hope we see more from Wildland in the future, and I am happy to have them here. Check out Killiehuntly, their sister property, which is also listed on this site.


NC500, The Highlands IV27 4YL

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