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It must cost more than a small fortune to renovate a castle to the level of Lews, but haven’t they done an amazing job. Indeed, you may have watched the transformation on Channel 4’s ‘Great British Buildings: Restoration of the Year’! This impressive gothic-revival style castle was built in the mid 1800’s and is opposite the harbour on the island of Lewis. Lewis has beaches and crystal clear waters that rival luxury tropical islands, rich history and stunning scenery, seriously! This remote and spectacular destination in the Outer Hebrides is the perfect venue for a destination wedding or creating holiday memories. LOVE LOVE LOVE the simple contemporary interiors of the self-catering holiday properties and the ground floor of the castle - which I believe were achieved with help from a very cool company called ‘No Chintz’. I’ve been inspired by the work that has gone on here – everything from the museum, café, woodland walks, shop, through to the castle itself has been created or upgraded to the highest standard. This almost feels like a bench-mark for castle restoration. The wedding hire and self-catering let properties have been taken on by ‘Natural Retreats’ which seem like a really interesting company, doing good things. I’m all for encouraging people to take holidays to wild and natural spots. (So although I’m showing Lews website and info here, you will have to go to Natural Retreats to actually book a property.) This beautiful building has also served as a hospital during WW2, a college and a school. But I will admit, it’s the funky and fabulous whisky bar that has now caught my attention! This is exactly what Chic Scotland is all about… finding places like this! Dedicated people who are giving beautiful old buildings a completely new lease of life. Taking a building that was once chic in the 1800s, and repurposing it to become chic for the modern day, and appropriate for our needs. Future proofing fabulousness. Lets see more of this kind of thing!

Lews Castle by Natural Retreats


Castle Grounds
Outer Hebrides HS2 0XP

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Lews Castle Ground Floor Rooms, Storehouse & Outfitters Monday - Saturday (8am-5pm) Sunday (10.30am-5pm) Lews Castle Whisky Bar Sunday - Thursday (Open until 11pm) Friday - Saturday (Open until 1am)

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