Mansfield Traquair


A really popular event venue in Edinburgh and quite rightly so, it’s the soaring ceiling space as you walk in that will make your head tilt back and your jaw drop. Apart from being a really versatile space, in a brilliant central location in Edinburgh, it’s the sheer majesty and sense of occasion that will complete your descent into a state of adulation for ‘Edinburgh’s Sistene Chapel’. Mansfield Traquair is the perfect wedding venue, private party or corporate event venue. This is another fine example of Scottish heritage, that has been entrusted into the brilliant ‘Heritage Portfolio’. They are the multi-talented company behind many beautiful venues throughout the UK, and what Portfolio Heritage don’t know about putting on an event, isn’t worth knowing. They are of course, a large professional company that runs the catering and event calendar here, but their ethos remains simple and authentic - they want to seek out the finest food producers, however small. For example, they say ‘our live-and-kicking Isle of Skye langoustines are creel-caught and brought in by a day-boat called Equinox, skippered by Craig. Our award-winning chef hand-picks pork from a pig farmer called Robin, and John, the Fife farmer, delightedly shows us his oats locally grown and milled in Cupar.’ Interesting! ;-) Mansfield Traquair were an ‘Event’ award winner in 2010. I was a judge at the Event Awards in London in 2007, and I know how many incredible entries they look through to get to a winner, so this is an accolade indeed. (Sorry, I just had to get that in there, I’m such a name dropper.) Seated dinner up to 360. Reception 700. Theatre style 600.


15 Mansfield Place

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