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I have had so many amazing meals here…. and cocktails too! (A quick aside - I had THE BEST espresso martini of my life here. I thought I’d briefly point this out because I do so often find that a really decent shaken cocktail can be the measure of a good restaurant!) Very much worth scheduling into your diary is the experience of the 4 or 7 course tasting menu, which is brilliant - and paired with delicious wines. But you could just as easily grab a casual lunch here to split up a Saturday shopping trip. They do that thing where the menu just lists the main ingredients in each dish and doesn’t explain exactly how it’s going to arrive.. you just have to trust the chef. But trust you should, as Brian McNeish is a total genius and it’s a surprise and a delight to see how him and his kitchen have pulled together the fresh ingredients. The service, crockery, ambiance and everything is absolutely right here at Moonfish.. I love that they are always pushing boundaries, so you can expect some advanced concepts in food here, but everything tastes so so good.


9 Correction Wynd
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire AB10 1HP

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Tuesday to Friday, Lunch 12pm - 2.00pm, Dinner 6-9. Saturday, Lunch 12pm - 2.30pm, Dinner 6pm - 9pm.


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Fantastic dinner and drinks.

Delicious, locally sourced products and ingredients. Freshly prepared and coupled with wines if you so wish. This restaurant has been a firm favorite of mine for many years now and never disappoints. Relaxing, welcoming , great service and an interesting and innovate menu.

November 2019

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