The Tippling House


The Tippling House is a bit like a secret, underground den – where you have to do a special knock to get in. Don’t let the small, dark staircase leading in fool you into thinking you’re entering a dingy dive – this is the coolest cocktail bar in town! Owned and managed by Gomes, who also owns 10 Dollar Shake, Rye and Soda and Bos’n in Aberdeen – he knows his onions when it comes to alcohol, make no mistake. I like this place for cocktails and light bites with the girls. It’s perfect for a group of 4 - because you can sit in a booth and face each other for a chat marathon whilst sipping on the perfect drink to suit your palate. Every delicious cocktail is delicately blended together and served in a pretty glass with some kind of aromatic fresh garnish. This place just has a good feel to it, the feng shui is right. The owner is so lovely and you can tell that impacts down to the quality and attitude of the staff. It’s all good.


4 Belmont Street
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire AB10 1JE

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Monday to Thursday, 4pm - 2am. Friday, 4pm - 3am. Saturday, 1pm - 3am. Sunday, 4pm - 2am.

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